lørdag 18. desember 2010

New prices for distro

The B.a.r hq will be closed until December 27th due to christmas vacation. Orders and trades will be fixed when i get back.

Im still waiting for the latest release,Glöm dä - I skuggan av eran stia 7",and i hope to get it as soon as possible!

Also I have made a easyer price "system" for my distro,so here are the prices:

7"  40 Nok
12" 90 Nok
10" 60 Nok
Cd 75 Nok
Tape 30 Nok
(Some items in the distro may cost more or less,but this is the "standard" price for now)
(Prices are in Norwegian Kroner,so get in touch if you have a different currency)

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