søndag 30. oktober 2011

Bombs007: Death from above - 4 trax ep OUT NOW!!!

It`s been a long wait, but now its done. Death from above is a well known D-beat band from Brazil. First time on vinyl!!! B.a.r is proud to be the one and only label on this release. 300 copys are made - 100 colored copys (Mailorder only)
Write us for prices and wholesale/trades.

fredag 14. oktober 2011

Bombs007: Death from above - 4 trax ep

Death from above - 4 trax ep are out next on B.a.r.
Brazilian d-beat well know to most of you.
We are waiting for the covers to arrive from the print shop. Limited !!!DO NOT ORDER YET!!!

torsdag 13. oktober 2011

Huge distro update


Bannlyst - Diskografi
Bannlyst - Live at Blitz 1992
Unholy grave - Grind killers
Besthöven - Dis means war


Besthöven/Kontatto "Fucking crusties tour split ep"
Sub alert/Angel piss split
Unholy grave/The Vickers split ep


Unholy grave - Blast mayhem
Grind bastards - Comp. #3
Disgust - War deterrent
Extinction of mankind/Disgust split cd
Unholy grave - Terroraging crisis

Free 7" with every order out the year!!!
Get in touch if any questions