fredag 31. desember 2010

Glöm dä - I skuggan av eran stia 7" + Electric funeral 7"

Today i recived the labels 5th release,Glöm dä - I skuggan av eran stia 7"(Bombs005) A fucking amazing release that im proud to be a part of!
Also got some copys of  Electric funeral - Harvester of death 7" Swedish noise at it`s best...Also amazing!
Get both while you can...

Also want to wish all the punx out there happy new year! Drinkin` stinkin` never thinkin`
See ya`all in 2011 ya` bastards!!!

torsdag 30. desember 2010

Diapers & Winnie the Pooh = Kaos??

The B.a.r hq will soon be flodded and invaded by smelly diapers and Winnie the Pooh teddy bears. Me and my girlfriend are waiting our first child togheter and we are looking forward to meet this guy or girl (No sex on the child has been confirmed yet..) If all goes well and after the plan, we will become parents in the start of March.

I think i will order some baby stuff on Berzerker wear soon.. Also want to wish Masken good luck with his newborn son.

Wish me luck - Sleepless nights here WE come!
Up the diaper punx!!

onsdag 29. desember 2010

Lenge leve UFFA / Long live UFFA

UFFA - the autonomous youth house in Trondheim,Norway are heavily damaged after a fire last night. No one was inside the building when the fire started and no lives was lost. The cause of the fire are unknown.. Uffa will rise again for sure!

lørdag 18. desember 2010

New prices for distro

The B.a.r hq will be closed until December 27th due to christmas vacation. Orders and trades will be fixed when i get back.

Im still waiting for the latest release,Glöm dä - I skuggan av eran stia 7",and i hope to get it as soon as possible!

Also I have made a easyer price "system" for my distro,so here are the prices:

7"  40 Nok
12" 90 Nok
10" 60 Nok
Cd 75 Nok
Tape 30 Nok
(Some items in the distro may cost more or less,but this is the "standard" price for now)
(Prices are in Norwegian Kroner,so get in touch if you have a different currency)

søndag 5. desember 2010

A few 7" in stock

New in stock:

After the bombs - Terminal filth stench bastard 7"
Warvictims - Trashpunk terror rampage 7"
Dishonorable discharge - Kept in the dark 7"

torsdag 25. november 2010

Giftgasattack 12"

Today i recived the parcel from the costums with the Giftgasattack 12"...I HATE waiting for records!!! This release are a fucking MUST for all you noise lovers! I can`t get enough of this band and im looking forward to more releases from them in the future.

onsdag 24. november 2010


Im waiting for the fucking costums in Norway to release my parcel from D-takt & Råpunk records that contains the Giftgasattack 12"! It`s the 4th time this year that a parcel have been stopped for control...Hope to be getting the parcel this week..

The distro are also updated with some nice records,so have a look:
Now it`s time to drink coffee and listen to some Code 13!!

søndag 21. november 2010

Sunday night is update night

At the B.A.R hq it`s now time for a big web site update..a lot of new records and some cd`s are going to be added to the distro list. Doom,Gasmask terror,Herätys,Electric funeral and more...Im also trying my best to make this blog kinda ok. It will look shitty as the web site,but i will try to make the blog better looking soon. So if you know of the label,just add it to your friendlist or whatever the hell it`s called..

Also looking forward to get my copys of the newest release on the label: Glöm dä - I skuggan av eran stia 7" (Bombs005)

lørdag 20. november 2010

Fuck the new myspace!!

I got sick of the new Myspace,so i created a blog instead. This blog will be as crappy as the web site and myspace profile.

I will add the distrolist and contact info soon and post things that might be of intrest :)
Have a good weekend all out there and stay safe