lørdag 26. november 2011

Saturday night vidz

It`s Saturday and im sitting here and watching some awsome videos on YouTube and making DISOWN - Total devastation tapes. This tape release will be done and ready in January/February 2012 if all goes according to the plan..

Some kick ass videos for you to enjoy! 
and have a good weekend

Esperanzaviva - ***DONT KNOW THE SONG TITLE***

Crustina Aguilera - Sick tradition

Krömosom - Live forever
Disgust - The last embrace

 Goober Patrol - 1000th Beer (punk rock)

onsdag 23. november 2011

Fear of extinction 7"

Got a few copys of the Fear of extinction - s/t 7" from Mirek/Phobia records today.
The band`s blogspot here.

There are also some copys of the Death from above - 4 trax ep left,but be sure to get it before it`s too late.. We ♥ D-beat!

lørdag 19. november 2011

More stuff in the distro

Did a trade with a Yugo from Esperanzaviva a while ago and this is the stuff i got:

Esperanzaviva - The erased truth tape

 Real japanese underground 2 x Cd (48 tracks)

V.a. Rice or bread Cd (14 tracks/7 bands)
Comes in a sweet little paper box - Limited to 500

Other new stuff:

Warning//Warning - My world ep

Roxor/Risposta split Lp (Few in stock!!)

Life possession - S/t 7"