lørdag 15. august 2015

Bombs away are on right track again!

The label have been down a long time now...Due to moving,much work,children and much more...But now the time is here to start again,doing what i like...
Got a few nice 7"s and more will come (get in touch for prices)
Distro list will also be updated soon

New in stock:

 Dispose from Sweden and Disease from Macedonia! Raw d-beat punk hell! Good release
Well known band for most of you by now. Japanese raw hardcore punk noise hell that we all like!!! Red vinyl and fold out poster sleeve 

søndag 15. februar 2015

Rising from the (almost) dead...

The label have been dead for a long period of time now...but now it's time to start working again.
Have no release plans yet, but if there are anyone out there who know of a good noisepunk band or anything else worth checking out - let me know.
Trades are welcome and i will update my sale list asap!