torsdag 26. mai 2011

Svart framtid - "1984" Ep Reissue

Today I got some copys of the reissue of the legendary Norwegian band Svart framtid (Black future) This Ep came out in 1984 and costs a $hitload on Ebay if you buy the 1 pressing. The reissue are made and released by Voltage records 

This Ep needs to be in your collection - It`s fucking history!  

fredag 20. mai 2011

Goum 7" + distro update

Today the Goum - The mother fetus 7" arrived so get in touch if you want a copy or want some for your distro/shop! Trades are welcome,but since i dont have that much copys get in touch and give me an offer i can`t refuse. Also got a few copys of the newest Desperat - Demokrati eller diktatur 7" and some copys of the new Whole in the head  - Them and us 7" from Darren/Tadpole records . Shop till you drop!! !!

lørdag 14. mai 2011

Sub alert - Cover of the month 2010 Cd

Masken from Sub alert sendt me some copys of they`re newest cd release: Cover of the month 2010. The band doing cover songs of known and not so well known bands. I cant remember how many copys he said  was made,but if you want it you better act fast!

Brottskod 11 video!

Check out this Swedish band.... KILLER!!!!!


Have recived the GASMIASMA's "Trenchrats" 7" from Chris (Noxious Noize) Awsome stuff! Few copys in stock

Also I have a extra copy of Hellkrusher - Doomsday hour Lp if anyone is intrested..Mint condition - brand fucking new! Get in touch if you want it! (a good trade can also work)

We are still waiting for the Goum - The mother fetus 7" it`s beein shipped any day now. If you want some copys for your distro or shop let me know and we can make some sort of deal :)