lørdag 29. desember 2012

...and a few more records

Have been a while since I updated this blog(and the main shitty web site..)so here is some new items.

Doom - s/t Lp Limited release for the Euro Tour 2012
(picture stolen from Jery,Black seeds Recs.)  

 The Ødeleggers - Ødelegg alt Lp
 Norwegian punkband

 Utanförskapet - Vildhjärta Lp
Swedish D-beat


 Hellkrusher / Deadly Reign split 7"

 Warthreat Ep
Australian d-beat/Noise

 Esperanzaviva - Confusion 7"
Osaka,Japan old school crossover speedcore mayhem!

tirsdag 4. desember 2012

Lazy dayz

It`s been a while since this blog and the web site has been updated..There are a few items that will arrive in the distro section pretty soon. The web site will be updated within` this week or so,and the distro list there are old and not updated in ages. Anyway guys,stay safe and enjoy the time before the end of the world!

Here is and old punk rock fav:

lørdag 3. november 2012

....and some patches + a bit of news

Also got a load of patches in stock.
Send your orders here: bombsawayrecords@gmail.com


The Hellkontroll - Stuck inside a vapid blitz 7" are selling and trading FAST! There are not many copys left so if you want one (or several) act quick!!! Some colored copys are still left for you vinyl geeks.

Up next on Bombs away are teh Japanese Grind masters: UNHOLY GRAVE!!!! The release is named Grind anarchy and will be a collectors dream. We are talking about colored ep`s and even some colored flexies. There is no "official" release date yet,so dont even ask for it yet. More info and photos will sonn arrive! Do not order yet!

B.a.r are also joining in the release of the Mass Genocide Process Lp that are in the making now. Dont know when it`s ready yet..Stay tuned! Here is a taste of it 

Massive distro update

 Here are the distro update:
(Not that many copys of each,so first come-first serve)

Unholy grave - Grindholic 7"
Unholy Grave - Unholy bastards 7"
Unholy Grave/The Grade grubbers split 7"
Unholy Grave - Raw slaughter 7"
Human Power - S/t 7"
Doom - Police bastard 7"
Doom - Doomed from the start Lp
Dispose/Displode split 7"
Peroxide - Can you hear the sound of peace? 7"
Zatsuon - Violent noize life 7"
Attack SS - No nukes 7" Ep
Living hell - Portôes 7"
Unknown to god - S/t 7"
Zyanose - Insane noise raid Lp
Effluxus - Life destruktion Lp / 8 Track Ep
Warcry - 10 Tracks noise Ep
Krömosom - 8 Tracks Lp (Us press??)
Electric funeral - D-beat noise attack/Make a change Lp

tirsdag 2. oktober 2012

New web shop in the making

Ok,so I have made a nicer and better web shop HERE . Much more items will be added and it will be made a bit nicer that the other shit pages i have and are using. More trade parcels are on the way,so there will be a small distro update very soon. Will also update the www.bombsawayrecords.org site that I have,it havent been updated for a long time. Who cares!?

lørdag 22. september 2012

Distro news

Got some new stuff in the shop today from the German label Crucificados pelo sistema 

 Go Filth Go "5 track" 7"
 Ultra-distorted D-beat noise! Good release
Kruel 7"
Raw d-beat
Silver colored vinyl-Looks pretty neat-Sounds pretty rough!
Unholy Grave/Nakay split 5"
UNHOLY GRAVE has been around the block time and time again with their grind masterdom, and this release will not fail the loyal follower or newcomer to their Japanese grinding sound. one new track of pure raw grindcore! US based Nakay manage a track per inch of raw grinding black metal noise devastation on their side. All in all 5 tracks including an Assück cover. 

The newest release on the label,Hellkontroll is going pretty fast. Sadly this is the band`s last release before splitting up. Sad news,but it`s a nice way to end it all!

Get your copy(s) now before it`s to late.
Limited colored copys for  mailorder only as long as stock lasts!
100 colored copys only,the rest is good old black wax
$6 for a single copy / €4.5 for a single copy
Trade and wholesale are possible

Hear the noise here

fredag 14. september 2012

Hellkontroll - Stuck inside a vapid blitz 7" is now out!!!

It`s here!!! After a long fucking wait! Hellkontroll from the U.s are the newest release on the label...get in touch for orders,trades or wholesale!!! This is pure hellish noise!!! 

torsdag 6. september 2012

Swedish noise update

It`s been a while since this blog has been updated..BUT here are a few new items for you to enjoy

Got some awsome Giftgasattack - Deadly future 7" flexi`s from Noxious Noise Records today.
4 tracks of Swedish råpunk at it`s best!!!!
Got both colors in stock - Hurry up and get you copy. It`s already selling fucking fast!!!

....And 3 copys of the Dispose / Kranium "Distort the north" split Lp
Noise noise and more noise that we LOVE!!
Both bands are from Sweden - Recomended!!!            

lørdag 11. august 2012


So,not much going on at the B.a.r hq.
Still waiting for the covers to the Hellkontroll 7" to be done.. I guess I will recive them late next week. It`s been a long wait on this release,but it`s worth it for sure! When the covers arrive the pre-order will begin.

Also up next are Japanese grindcore masters: UNHOLY GRAVE! A 7" is in the process and will soon hit the streets. This release will named: Grind anarchy! A spesial edition will be made in a limited edition! Stay tuned! More info on both Unholy grave and Hellkontoll will come!

Stay safe - Play loud! 

a bit more stuff

Got some new stuff in:

 Selvforakt -Merda 7"
Here is a track from the EP
50% Brazilian and 50% Norwegian band
Sex dwarf - S/t
New Swedish band - Check them out here
9 tracks of noise!!! 

fredag 20. juli 2012

Vacation is now over-back to the primitive

It`s been a while since this blog was updated..I have been on a holiday and been traveling around Norway and Sweden. Punx need vacation too you know. A small distro update will come and maby some other news too.


torsdag 14. juni 2012

New stuff in the distro

 Krömoson - Paranoid 7" Ep
Not enough hate - Knocked into tomorrow Cd

Other "news":

Still waiting for the covers for the Hellkontroll ep to be made,hopefully it wont be long now. It`s taken a while,but it`s gonna be worth the long wait for sure!

lørdag 19. mai 2012

Japanese hardcore still survives

Got a few releases from So/Hardcore survives in Japan today - Few copys in stock so act fast!

Skizophernia - s/t 7" Ep
Jap. Raw punx

Rednecks - Visions of mad 7" Ep
Jap. D-beat trash attack

Sotatila / Think again - Black rainbow split 7" Ep
Finnish and Japanese punk

lørdag 14. april 2012

Limited combo deal - Noise noise and more noise!

Here is a pretty sweet deal,two 7"s and a tape for only €10!(Shipping not included) There are only 10 of these combo deals so first come first serve. No trade on this one guys.

Tapes Tapes Tapes!!!

Some new tapes have arrived,lots of noise for you to enjoy! Kruel - Noise not music,Chaos Destroy - Fuck more and D-clone/System fucker split. Few of each in stock!

New release out now: The Manster 7"

The latest release from B.a.r have arrived. The Mansters are a Norwegian band who play hardcore punkrock! This release is limited to only 300 copys devided on 3 Norwegian labels. Bombs away records have the white copys - only 100 pressed. The copys will go fast , so get your copy(s) today! Hear the band here: http://nakkeskuddplater.bandcamp.com/album/mansters-7-ep

lørdag 17. mars 2012

The Mansters 7" is out next! Norwegian hardcore punkrock!

Bombs away records are proud to be one of the 3 Norwegian labels releasing the first release by The Mansters. This is pure Hardcore punkrock! The release is limited to 300 copys,100 copys each label. B.a.r will get the white version. If you are intrested or have any questions get in touch. Trade/wholesale get in touch too..

mandag 27. februar 2012


This came in the mail today from So/Hardcore Survives records in Japan.Complete Aural Turmoil - 3 way split 7"
I have been looking forward to this for some time now and im fucking happy to have it in my distro! All 3 bands are amazing!  Grap this before it`s too late..This is a MUST HAVE in your collection!

Check out this promotion video

lørdag 25. februar 2012

Saturday distro news

Some new stuff have arrived:
 Brottskod 11 - s/t 7"
Swedish raw punx!! Get it!
Agathocles/Hatred division split tape (Few in stock)

V.a. Amebix Japan - Tribue to Amebix Lp
6 Japanese bands playing classic Amebix songs!

mandag 13. februar 2012

New Giftgasattack 5" out soon

Giftgasattack,the most kick ass band from Sweden are soon out with a 5" record. D-Takt & Råpunk records are going to release it,and it`s out in March. Get this! I know i will!!!They are also going to tour and do some shows in Uk. Support!!!

fredag 10. februar 2012

Infernöh !

New awsome shit coming out on D-Takt & Råpunk records soon! More about the band click here.Can`t wait! Pre-order NOW!

lørdag 4. februar 2012

Disown-Total devastation Tape OUT NOW!

The Disown-Total devastation tape is now done and ready for sale. This is a d.i.y release and only 130 copys are made. 8 blasting tracks of raw punk/d-beat!
$5/30Nok without shipping
Get in touch for orders or questions

lørdag 28. januar 2012

Distro updated

I have now updated the web page and the distro list. Lots of new and old stuff added. Have a good weekend !

lørdag 7. januar 2012

Bombs away not dead!

I have had sevral e-mail from people asking me if Bombs away records are dead,since there has not been any updates on this blog or the web site in a long long time..The label is NOT dead,I just had some vacation and some family time. Family comes first ya` all know
The distro list are going to be updated this weekend if all goes according to plan(They usually don`t) and im going to update my release list for this year. Lots of awsome releases -so stay tunes!
Thanks for all the support in 2011 - hope to see all of you in 2012!
It means a lot folks!