søndag 30. januar 2011

Sunday coffee & Samurai death metal

Gotsu Totsu Kotsu are a Japanese death metal band that i discovered on a Japanese metal video i saw on the web some time ago. I have tryed to contact the members and one of the labels on one of theyre releases,but since they dont know English that well,and I don`t understand Japanese it can take some time for me to get some copys in the distro. I will do my best!

Now it`s time to make myself a cup of black coffee and relax infront of the brainwashing tv


fredag 28. januar 2011

Metal punk`s NOT dead and Slovakian d-beat

Today I got these in the mail box:

ROXOR - Požierač duší 7" Raw d-beat from Slovakia (on red vinyl)

Iron fist / Whip striker - Metal punk`s not dead 7" (on yellow vinyl)

Also got my PERSONAL copys of the Desperat 12" today from D-takt & Råpunk rec. Awsome release! Get it while you still can.

lørdag 22. januar 2011

Warcry cds and Desperat 12 is out

Got some Warcry - When comes the end cd`s from a guy in Brazil today.
Good band and a good release!

Speaking of good release: D-takt & Råpunk records have just released the Desperat 12" .
A release that I and many others have been looking forward to for some time now. Buy it before it`s too late!

Now it`s time for a cup with black coffee,some snacks and a good movie!

tirsdag 18. januar 2011

Giuda - Tour 7" and Go filth go/Besthöven split 7"

Got some copys of the Giuda - 2009 Euro tour 7" (Alternative version for "Per sempre il nulla")
Limited to 320 handnumbered copys. 
The copys i got was on grey vinyl

The Go filth go/Besthöven also came yesterday

torsdag 13. januar 2011

Never come back - D-beat troopers tape

Got a few copys of the Never come back - D-beat troopers released on Dead capitalist records in Indonesia. Few copys in stock!

Speaking of tapes,check out Nisse/Skippers corner blog he`s going to release a awsome Swedish comp.casette - must have...and it`s limited!

mandag 10. januar 2011

2011 plans

Release plans for 2011..maby more to come...

Goum crust punk from Japan!
A co-release between Bombs away rec,Narm discos and Tadpole rec.
Format: 7"

Death from above d-beat from Brazil 
This will be only be released and sold from Bombs away rec.
Very few copys will be pressed  -Limited as fuck!
Format: 7"

Krüel (Us)d-beat in Spanish! One of the 4 bands on the "No tomorrow" 4 way split lp. 
This will also be releases and sold from Bombs away rec. 
Format: 7"

A Hellkontroll (Us) are also in the planning - Stay tuned!
Format: 7"

Some other plans are also beeing planned,so stay tuned.
It`s gonna be a noise year(again) and that`s what we like!

Make noise not war! 

tirsdag 4. januar 2011

"No tomorrow" split lp for download

The fellows @ Crust or die blog have put out the "No tomorrow" 4 way split lp up for download. They also have alot of other killer downloads on the blogsite for you to check out - Go nuts!