lørdag 22. september 2012

Distro news

Got some new stuff in the shop today from the German label Crucificados pelo sistema 

 Go Filth Go "5 track" 7"
 Ultra-distorted D-beat noise! Good release
Kruel 7"
Raw d-beat
Silver colored vinyl-Looks pretty neat-Sounds pretty rough!
Unholy Grave/Nakay split 5"
UNHOLY GRAVE has been around the block time and time again with their grind masterdom, and this release will not fail the loyal follower or newcomer to their Japanese grinding sound. one new track of pure raw grindcore! US based Nakay manage a track per inch of raw grinding black metal noise devastation on their side. All in all 5 tracks including an Assück cover. 

The newest release on the label,Hellkontroll is going pretty fast. Sadly this is the band`s last release before splitting up. Sad news,but it`s a nice way to end it all!

Get your copy(s) now before it`s to late.
Limited colored copys for  mailorder only as long as stock lasts!
100 colored copys only,the rest is good old black wax
$6 for a single copy / €4.5 for a single copy
Trade and wholesale are possible

Hear the noise here

fredag 14. september 2012

Hellkontroll - Stuck inside a vapid blitz 7" is now out!!!

It`s here!!! After a long fucking wait! Hellkontroll from the U.s are the newest release on the label...get in touch for orders,trades or wholesale!!! This is pure hellish noise!!! 

torsdag 6. september 2012

Swedish noise update

It`s been a while since this blog has been updated..BUT here are a few new items for you to enjoy

Got some awsome Giftgasattack - Deadly future 7" flexi`s from Noxious Noise Records today.
4 tracks of Swedish råpunk at it`s best!!!!
Got both colors in stock - Hurry up and get you copy. It`s already selling fucking fast!!!

....And 3 copys of the Dispose / Kranium "Distort the north" split Lp
Noise noise and more noise that we LOVE!!
Both bands are from Sweden - Recomended!!!