tirsdag 18. juni 2013

Unholy grave & Mass genocide process are going fuckin` fast!!

The Unholy grave - Grind anarchy 7" Ep and the Mass genocide process - Poetry of the damned 12" Lp are selling and trading faster than I thought...
The Mass genocide process lp is a co-release between B.a.r and 5 other labels. We got few in stock-so be quick to order it now,before it`s too late. Did I mention that it comes with a download card too??

The Unholy grave 7" is the first GRINDCORE release on this label,and a sub-label with grindcore are in the process of beeing made (More info soon)
The toal pressing is 300 copys, and there are a Limited edition or "combo pack" made, that include a flexie record. (Both records got the same tracks) The "combo pack" are NOT FOR TRADE - Mailorder only! Send your order or trade request here: bombsawayrecords@gmail.com

mandag 3. juni 2013

Unholy grave - Grind anarchy 7"

Full Ep here
Get in touch for orders/trade


søndag 5. mai 2013

B.a.r gives you: Mass Genocide Process - Poetry of the damned Lp out NOW!!!!

Bombs away joined forces with a bunch of labels and  togheter we released the Mass Genocide Process - Poetry of the damned Lp. Get in touch for orders! We got a limited stock of this so there will not be much trading on this one. 525 copys pressed total.

Hear the Lp here
Enjoy the Czech noise !

tirsdag 30. april 2013

Unholy grave - Grind anarchy 7"

Next week(or so...) the Unholy grave - Grind anarchy 7" will arrive the Bombs away records hq. This release took forever to make! Problems with artwork,pressing plant and other shit... Anyway,it`s on the way and if you want a copy (or several) you better act fast... There will be some limited editions for all you collector geeks out there,so stay tuned!!

Other news:  
The Bombsawayrecords.org page are not updated in ages,and it will be done soon.
A few neat & noisy records are also on the way in to the distro,so be sure to check them out when they arrive.

lørdag 2. mars 2013

Some new 7" Ep`s in the store

Debut 6 track EP from AGGRASTAT.
Total noise damage!!!

Defeat - Demo 7"
Australian HC/Grind/Crust mix


A Japanese Hardcore explosion!

fredag 1. februar 2013

B.a.r releases in the National Libary of Norway

The National Libary of Norway(Nasjonal biblioteket,Mo i Rana) in Mo i Rana have asked Bombs away records if we are intrested in having 2 copys of every release we have done, stored and archived for all eternity. This means you guys are never forgotten and that the music is there forever... What you guys think?

I`m thinking this is kinda`cool...The music and the records themself are beeing preserved for all mankind!
Will tell you more about this stuff when i have more to tell. 

 Here is a link to the National Libary of Norway English page

Have a good weekend