lørdag 3. november 2012

....and some patches + a bit of news

Also got a load of patches in stock.
Send your orders here: bombsawayrecords@gmail.com


The Hellkontroll - Stuck inside a vapid blitz 7" are selling and trading FAST! There are not many copys left so if you want one (or several) act quick!!! Some colored copys are still left for you vinyl geeks.

Up next on Bombs away are teh Japanese Grind masters: UNHOLY GRAVE!!!! The release is named Grind anarchy and will be a collectors dream. We are talking about colored ep`s and even some colored flexies. There is no "official" release date yet,so dont even ask for it yet. More info and photos will sonn arrive! Do not order yet!

B.a.r are also joining in the release of the Mass Genocide Process Lp that are in the making now. Dont know when it`s ready yet..Stay tuned! Here is a taste of it 

Massive distro update

 Here are the distro update:
(Not that many copys of each,so first come-first serve)

Unholy grave - Grindholic 7"
Unholy Grave - Unholy bastards 7"
Unholy Grave/The Grade grubbers split 7"
Unholy Grave - Raw slaughter 7"
Human Power - S/t 7"
Doom - Police bastard 7"
Doom - Doomed from the start Lp
Dispose/Displode split 7"
Peroxide - Can you hear the sound of peace? 7"
Zatsuon - Violent noize life 7"
Attack SS - No nukes 7" Ep
Living hell - Portôes 7"
Unknown to god - S/t 7"
Zyanose - Insane noise raid Lp
Effluxus - Life destruktion Lp / 8 Track Ep
Warcry - 10 Tracks noise Ep
Krömosom - 8 Tracks Lp (Us press??)
Electric funeral - D-beat noise attack/Make a change Lp